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Our Milo Complementary Birth
photograph of Milo in his new chair .
Milo Browne is a very brave little boy who suffers from delayed physical and mental development and has so far baffled medical experts who are unable to give a diagnosis of his condition. He was born and lives with his family in Howdon, Newcastle upon Tyne, and is affectionately known as Our Milo.

Although Milo's condition is as yet unknown the symptoms are not. Milo has no head control, suffers from uncoordinated movements, and is unable to hold his body weight. His parents have been told that Milo will never have the ability to sit unaided, crawl, walk, and may never even talk. Our Milo has had a variety of tests for known conditions, but so far every test has come back negative.

Milo does have the ability to learn and develop through play. Our aim is to raise funds to pay for a fully adapted sensory room for Milo to learn and develop. Milo's parents Stephen Browne and Laura Davidson are now looking to create a bespoke sensory room in their home.

Milo's parents (Stephen and Laura) want to give him the very best quality of life they possibly can, however the reality is that to do so will cost money, far more than they could possibly afford. A basic sensory room will set them back around £15,000, this would be a massive improvement to Our Milo's life as it would allow him the chance to develop and learn.

Raising money is not as simple as it first sounds, there are many legal issues that have to be undertaken, and as Milo's condition is as yet unknown there are few organisations they can turn to for help. Becoming a Charity is a costly and time consuming process, and it just would not be feasible for Our Milo to become one.

Physiotherapists have told Stephen and Laura that because Milo hasn't made any significant improvements with his head control, and as he is now getting bigger, it's only going to get harder for him to actually achieve any significant head control.

Our Milo's life has been tough enough so far, and his parents were devastated to hear that it would become even tougher, especially so when the best doctors are unable to diagnose the exact condition he suffers from. Eventually his rare condition may actually be dubbed Milo Disorder.

. Milo's Family .
Milo's main way of learning is through play, and sensory play is vitally important to his life, a sensory room will give Milo stimulation and help aid his development, it really will change his life.

The one thing Milo has in abundance is love. He is surrounded by devoted parents, a fantastic Brother and Sister, a loving family and caring friends who all want the very best for Our Milo, and nothing will ever change that. What they need is money, as this will allow his family to purchase proper equipment to provide the stimulation he so desperately needs.

Although Our Milo is less than two years old he has undergone many tests and operations, to say he has experienced a hard life would be a massive understatement. Despite all of his problems Our Milo remains a very happy and smiley little boy.

Please take a look at Milo's CONDITION page to see just how hard it has been. This is one little boy that deserves your support and help.

Want to read more about Milo? Why not check out Our Milo on Twitter or read his page on Facebook?

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